Travel Hacks

What is Travel Hacking?

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The first time i went to a travel hacking meet up i thought it was for travel developers and we were going to be talking about code and how to build travel sites. It couldn’t of been further from the truth travel hacking is a hobby for travelers. If i were to sum it up in one sentence it would be traveling more for less

Travel hacking is not scamming or cheating the airlines or hotels it is a system for maximizing all the offers that companies in the travel industry offer as incentives to the general public to use their services

I’m sure everyone has heard the term “travel hack” or “travel hackers” or “travel hacking” while they all basically mean the same thing because they contain the word hack their is a negative connotation associated with the terms and the practice

How does one Travel Hack?

Travel Hacking falls into three main categories

  1. Credit Cards
  2. Manufactured Spending
  3. Award Travel


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