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Hotel Hustle- An Easy Way to view Hotel Award Rates

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If your like most people you stay at a variety of different Hotels like Sheraton, Hilton, Doubletree, etc this could be based on the location based on the price or just personal preference of experience with the hotel

Signing up for a Hotel Rewards program is easy and usually has perks involved right off the bat anything from free wifi to late checkout it varies from hotel brand to hotel brand and it also puts you in their email marketing system which sends out email enticements and targeted offers

Hotels usually assign categories to their hotels such as category 1 or category 2 and these categories are based on location, average price of a night, etc

Once you have acquired several thousand points in a program you can redeem for free nights or upgrades for future stays. The problem is to find the rewards earned you have to log into each hotel program and search for a stay and the number of points required. To make matters more difficult you have to determine the categories of the hotels in the location you wish to stay and determine the number of points needed

This is where hotel hustle comes in Hotel Hustle allows a user to search for hotels in a city and displays award rates and inventory across multiple brands side by side.

Say you want to stay in San Francisco the end of March you simply enter in the city and the dates desired and hotel hustle brings up a list of hotels the required number of points for a free night and the cash rate for the hotel clicking on the link takes you to the appropriate hotel site for booking

It couldn’t be easier

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