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Having Fun Hacking my Go Pro


Having Fun Hacking my Go Pro

Having Fun Hacking my Go Pro

I recently ordered a panorama head for my gopro hero 3+. It is from a firm in Germany called  Panorama Herdima. The coolest part of these little panoramic head is how easy it is to attach to a tripod and start taking 360 pictures. There a six postions at different angles to capture the full 360 image.

In addition to being able to take a series of pictures to create a 360 image. There is an additional feature available utilizing a well known hack for gopro cameras. A script can be created and put inside a file named autoexec.ash if this is placed in the root of the sd card the script executes on powering up the camera

The script executes commands to take 3 Auto Exposure Bracket photos at each of the six positions of the panoramic head delays are added in to the script to give you time after each of the 3 pictures is tsken to move the head to the next position and get out of the way of the camera

The script is very picky about what type of sd card you have what model of gopro you have and what version of firmware you are on but after many hours of fiddling around i got everything to work

Expect much more on this in the future i cant wait to start taking 360 HDR photos with my gopro

Photo by superidoljp

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