Ebay Auctions of Lyft Mustaches And Uber Decals Raise Questions about safety

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Strange but true ebay auctions of lyft and uber decals are showing up. Raises question of why would someone want to own the decals and/or display them on their vehicles. Reading stories like this makes it essential that one pays attention to the app when calling vehicles. Always ask the driver who they are there for and makes sure it matches the driver and vehicle listed in the app that is picking you up

An online market for Uber decals and Lyft “glowstaches” has raised questions as to why anyone would pay for what drivers of the two ride-hail companies get for free. The decals, which are meant to distinguish Ubers and Lyfts from not-for-hire cars on the road, are for sale on places like Craigslist and eBay for as high as $90.



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